Hamsa Hand - Quartz

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Silver plated metal Hamsa with Quartz stones strung with a blue silk tassel and natural metallic quartz.

Quartz energy helps to brings balance to all subtle bodies.

Quartz crystals help us see beyond convention and break it appropriately. 

For thousands of years, the Hamsa has been known as a symbol against "Evil Eye." With time, the Hamsa became a talisman for good luck, health and protection to those who carry it with them or place it in their homes.

Recommended to be placed in shared spaces or bedrooms.

**Given the nature of the natural stones, there may be a slight change in the length of the piece. 

**This product packed in a branded gift box containing notes on the Hamsa and the energy of the precious stones.

Size: 22" x 5"

Made with love and good energies in Israel.